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Gluten-Free has become a fast-growing movement in the past couple of years.  But above being trendy, there is a niche of consumers in which remaining gluten-free is a very serious issue.  For those who suffer from Celiac's Disease, ingesting anything with gluten can make them quite ill and can possibly become a life-threatening concern.  This makes choosing a restaurant extremely difficult and, in fact, some have given up on dining out at all.

When offering gluten-free menu items, there is a huge responsibility to ensure you are serving a safe product.  A brand must have procedures to protect against cross-contamination, dedicated utensils (clearly marked and for use only with gluten-free products) and clear communication (via menus and advertisment) as to what is and is not gluten-free.

Since rolling out our gluten-free menu in 2012, Erbert & Gerbert's has been committed to the health of our gluten-intolerant guests and strive to provide them a safe product.  We are pleased to be recognized by the Celiac Center of Minnesota for our gluten-free offerings and practices.  See photo below.  



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